Tech Report USA - Apple Vision Pro

The new Apple Vision Pro, so far only for sale in the USA, is one of the most exciting new technologies. Our Tech Scout in the USA had the opportunity to test the new Apple Vision Pro at the Apple Store in Grand Central Station, New York and discuss its potential impact on the future of technology. We want to know if the Apple Vision Pro has the potential to truly revolutionize the future by replacing laptops and phones, or if it is simply an expensive gadget.

Our Tech-Scout Diego had the following to say: “The Apple Vision Pro immerses the user in a new dimension of vision. With its 3D video option and countless phone-like features, the glasses become a versatile tool. I believe that the idea of placing multiple tabs simultaneously in 3D space opens up unforeseen possibilities for the working environment. Testing the Apple Vision Pro, I could not help but feel that we are entering a new era of technology.

The Apple Vision Pro could transform the recruitment industry with advanced spatial computing, introducing VR and AR for interactive interviews and immersive job postings. Recruiters can use AR simulations to assess candidates’ practical skills and the EyeSight feature can enhance remote interviews, while collaboration tools facilitate group assessments. The device could assist in CV analysis using OCR and machine learning to optimize the screening process. It also has the potential to reinvent job advertisements by enabling interactive postings, virtual interviews, and hands-on task simulations. Furthermore, the technology could extend to dynamic resume presentations and onboarding assistance. While the current version of the Apple Vision Pro is not good enough yet to mark a revolutionary shift in the recruitment landscape, its improved versions could be.

Despite its impressive features, there are some downsides to consider. The glasses are currently quite heavy and can become uncomfortable on the head after a while. After about ten minutes of use, I also noticed mild eye discomfort. Additionally, the technology is not entirely realistic yet, but it is getting very close. Released on February 2, 2024, in the USA at $3,499, mainstream adoption may be delayed by cost. Integrating the Vision Pro into recruitment processes initially poses challenges due to hardware and tech familiarity issues. Yet, if price competition lowers costs in subsequent versions, it could become a standard tool for recruitment departments within 5 years.

Will the Apple Vision Pro replace laptops and make smartphones obsolete in the business world? My personal opinion: Although the Apple Vision Pro has not yet reached the practicality to be an alternative to laptops and phones, it is on the right path. If Apple manages to make the glasses smaller, lighter, and more practical in the future, it could undoubtedly trigger a revolution in the world of technology and replace laptops and smartphones. I am eager to see how the other tech-giants respond to this new approach from Apple. A promising glimpse into the future!”


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