Rec 2 Rec

A Fast Growing Market

Rec 2 Rec stands for Recruitment to Recruitment and means the searching and placing of candidates for Recruitment Companies.

Although the first Rec 2 Rec agencies started here ten years ago, it is still a quite uncommon business in Germany compared to the UK or the USA where Rec 2 Rec is a well established and growing market. As the German market operates more and more in a very candidate driven way, Recruitment Companies are ready to use more often the Rec 2 Rec model to get the best recruitment experts available on the market.

But why is a Recruitment Services & Solutions Company like Liberty Morgan also offering Rec 2 Rec?

This is because of our profound knowledge of the Recruitment Industry and because of our personal relationships to so many of its main players. Our goal is it to find the right employer for the next move of our former friends, colleagues, competitors or just for well known industry people who deserves great jobs due to their high quality in recruitment as well as their impressive social skills. Knowing which companies are in growth mode, ensuring due diligence at the financial stability of a company, getting under the skin of their culture: all of these elements are vital to any discerning candidate wanting to move to the right role.

Why Are We The Right Partner?

We Know Our Candidates!

Our candidates are often recruitment experts with whom we have worked successfully together in former jobs or who we have met as competitors on the market.

We know their market reputation and we can get proof of their performance. This means: We know the track records and motivations of our candidates.

We Are Experts For The German Market

Liberty Morgan understands the cultural differences between Germany and other countries and will assist you in recruiting the right employees with whom you can start or grow your German business.

Liberty Morgan is your radar in the market!

Our Personal Network Makes the Difference!

Benefit from our strong personal network of people who have evidentially been successful in different roles within Specialist Recruitment. The team of Liberty Morgan has contact to approximately 20.000 people who work or have worked in recruitment agencies.

With Liberty Morgan or within their former jobs our consultants have made Rec 2 Rec placements in the following countries:

Our Niches

Rec 2 Rec (Perm, Contracting, Temp.)

C-Level (m/f/d)
Managing Director (m/f/d)
(Senior) Director (m/f/d)
(Senior) Vice President (m/f/d)
Team Leader (m/f/d)
Client Executive Manager (m/f/d)
(Key) Account Manager (m/f/d)
(Senior) Consultant (m/f/d)
Recruiter 180° (m/f/d)
Recruiter 360° (m/f/d)
HR Manager (m/f/d)
Talent Acquisition Specialist (m/f/d)
Learning & Development Specialist (m/f/d)
Marketing Manager (m/f/d)

Rec 2 Enterprise

Unique in the German Industry

Liberty Morgan believes that not only specific recruiting and headhunting companies can benefit from the excellent skills of staffing agency employees, so we are the first company in Germany to offer our Rec 2 Rec services to companies outside the industry as well.

This completely new and unique area is called “Rec 2 Enterprise”.
In this way, medium-sized companies and global players from the industry can also benefit from the excellent knowledge of these specialists in terms of candidate and customer processes and staffing and sales structures.

We help employees from the recruiting environment who now want to bring the experience they have gained and the knowledge they have generated from the personnel services environment into a company rather than into their existing industry to take the career leap and succeed.

Above all, companies can use the special potential of these recruiting specialists in terms of the best access to the candidate market in order to win the “War of Talent” (Social Media, Job Boards, Candidate Communities, special staffing agency tools etc.).

  • HR-Manager (m/f/d)
  • HR-Business Partner (m/f/d)
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist (m/f/d)
  • Marketing-Manager (m/f/d)
  • Sales-Manager (m/f/d)
  • Learning & Development Specialist (m/f/d)
  • Recruiter (m/f/d)
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